2007 Ontario Election: Have we forgotten the 905ers and 289ers again?

Polling is an interesting subject. Over the weekend the Toronto Star published the various polls, which seem to indicate that the Liberals will be…

Cheers, jeers greet Pastor Paul Melnichuk

Mostly poor flock welcome minister living the good life as critics rally outside his church. Thousands of members of the embattled Prayer Palace congregation…

The Nuclear Power that Binds Us in Ontario

In an effort to become a green city, little thought is given to the two major nuclear plants, just outside of the Toronto area….

David Miller and Toronto City Council stuck between a rock and a hard place

Miller experienced a major blow to his leadership when city council voted to put off making a resolution about the land transfer tax and…

Hampton returns to familiar themes in Toronto blitz

Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton pushed across Toronto on Monday, staging a string of events in the city that has become his party’s stronghold….

Innovation Key To Poverty Problem – Green Party

The Green Party of Ontario is proposing an innovative solution to poverty: using budget surpluses to help economically vulnerable families buy their own homes….

A publicly funded Mennonite school in Ontario – Liberal Hypocrisy?

A public school in St. Catharines that for two decades has offered chapel services and Bible classes for its Mennonite students proves Dalton McGuinty’s…

Fake bomb shuts T.O. subway station

Thousands of commuters rode buses instead of the TTC subway yesterday after police closed the Finch station to investigate a suspicious package. read more…

The Sheppard subway sandwich that Mel ordered!

One of the lasting legacies for Mel Lastman is the Sheppard Subway. I actually wanted the subway to be built, however not in its…

Unfair questions to John Tory from a reporter

I heard a reporter ask John Tory, in reference to the faith-based school funding, about the fact that Islamic schools separate girls from boys….

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