Montreal’s REM Metro stands as a beacon of excellence, showcasing what future transit systems should emulate, and Toronto could glean invaluable lessons from its success. The REM, touted as one of the best transit system in Canada (coupled with the METRO and other services), has earned this distinction through its remarkable speed, unparalleled comfort, and frequent services. The inclusion of cell service adds a modern touch, enhancing the overall commuter experience.

With a price tag just under $8 billion, the REM’s success lies in its commitment to simplicity and full automation, sidestepping challenges associated with above-ground sections and NIMBY opposition. This transit marvel is reshaping Montreal’s transportation landscape, setting a high bar for the evolution of urban transit across the country.

Toronto, take note – the REM offers a blueprint for a more efficient and forward-thinking transit system.

Watch this video from Discover Montréal on the REM.