Bonnie Crombie, the newly elected leader of the Ontario Liberals, brings a wealth of experience to her role, having served three terms as the Mayor of Mississauga and previously as local councillor. With a proven track record as a leader who stands up for her community, Crombie has been a vocal opponent of Premier Doug Ford‘s policies, particularly his changes to how municipalities collect fees from developers. Her advocacy for fair funding of infrastructure projects and her push for the dissolution of Peel Region highlight her commitment to the well-being of her constituents.

Despite her successful tenure as Mississauga mayor, Crombie faced ageism during the leadership race, where opponents targeted her age of 63. This criticism, particularly from candidate Erskine-Smith, was notably rebuffed by Crombie, emphasizing that age should not be a deterrent to effective leadership.

As the leader of the Ontario Liberals, Crombie is poised to bring her dedication and experience to the forefront as the party aims to rebuild and challenge Premier Doug Ford in the upcoming 2026 provincial election. Only time will tell how Crombie’s leadership will impact the political landscape, but her proven leadership in Mississauga suggests a promising future for the Ontario Liberals under her guidance.