Mind blown! So, this is a food post that I had to write, the morning after a good night of eats. After watching a video about Ma Yve Grill and Serge Ibaka, a former NBA champion with the Toronto Raptors, we thought, “Let’s give it a try!” Ma Yve Grill offers the delicious flavours of traditional Congolese food. I am not from Congo, but that doesn’t matter. There are so many synergies with food and cooking between Africa and the Caribbean.

It was a rainy night, and we decided to make the trek to Pickering for food. Yes, we could have picked up something from the local fast-food chain, or Metro, or even another “fake” imitation franchise. But we should really do a better job of supporting local businesses and food establishments.

The Menu

Now, saying that everyone was happy would be an understatement. After checking the online menu at mayvegrill.com, we tried the following:

  • Fufu et Epinard (Fufu made with cassava flour, and a bowl of spinach).
  • Loso na Soso (Rice and Chicken)
  • Makemba (Fried banana plantains)
  • Beignets

Ancestral Taste Buds

It may not seem out of the ordinary, but the taste was extraordinary. Maybe something tasted like a longing for what was our home, an ancestral place, or something else. Saying everyone was happy would have been an understatement. There was a unique smokiness and perfect flavour of the chicken that we were unable to figure out. I’m sure it will remain a secret, but it surely seemed our taste buds were in a state of nirvana (yes, I said that).

The staff was beyond nice, and we will be back. We need to make a shout-out to Serge Ibaka and the random nature of YouTube (that algorithm again – how did you know). All it took was a random watch of a video on YouTube one Saturday afternoon, and we’ve now found a new food establishment not far from home.

If you want to try them out, check out their menu. There is too much to try. If you are in Pickering, it’s a bit off the beaten path. At 1980 Rosefield Road (Finch and Rosenfield – map below).

Sorry, I have no pictures. Our stomachs got the best of us!

Their motto is “Our Food Speaks Everybody’s Language”. I’m sure it also speaks yours, so two thumbs up for the foodies out there and anyone else wanting to try out something new.