Oh, Toronto, you perplexing city of unaffordable dreams. Who needs democracy when you’re just trying to scrape by, desperately searching for a glimpse of affordable housing in this concrete jungle? It’s truly remarkable how the mundane act of voting can slip one’s mind when you’re busy navigating the treacherous waters of exorbitant rent and skyrocketing costs of living.

Sure, some might argue that the occasional indulgence in avocado toast or a frothy latte might contribute to your collective voting apathy. After all, who needs to engage in civic duty when you can drown your sorrows in artisanal caffeine creations? But let’s not overlook the bigger picture here. Toronto is a city that demands your undivided attention, where the pursuit of affordable housing feels like an epic quest against insurmountable odds.

So, who has time for an election when you’re busy juggling multiple jobs, balancing budgets as skillfully as a circus performer on a tightrope? The priorities are crystal clear: putting food on the table, keeping the lights on, and hoping against hope that one day, just maybe, the city’s affordability crisis will be a mere memory. In a world where the cost of living consistently outpaces wage growth, who can blame Torontonians for momentarily forgetting about democracy?

Toronto, you stand as a symbol of resilience amidst unaffordability. Your voting apathy may be seen as a mark of indifference, but it’s also a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by those who call this city home. So, carry on, Torontonians, as you navigate the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Just remember to pause, every now and then, between bites of avocado toast and sips of that heavenly latte, and marvel at the cosmic dance of democracy happening around you.