“The TTC takes up 46 per cent of the 2008 capital budget. It has to replace aging streetcars, buses and subway cars. Some $79.4 million will be spent on 234 subway cars to replace aging ones and boost capacity. A further $175.5 million will pay for 193 conventional and 50 Wheel-Trans buses and $55 million to start buying 204 low-floor, accessible Light Rail Vehicles to replace existing streetcars. Also, $54.8 million will be spent to improve train control and signals on the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line.”

One of the problems I have with the subway going to York University, and beyond, is understanding the need. Do we really need a subway going to York University or would it be better served with a Light-rail network? We should note that if the money, currently tied up to expand the subway to Vaughan, were used instead to fund LRTs, then we would have enough funds to expand the light-rail network throughout the entire city. This expansion would benefit more users of the TTC, rather then the select few. I guess, I am also at odds with the money being spent because they are building a “bus rapid transitway” to York University, despite the expansion of the subway. If they can build a BRT, than why not just keep it simple and make an LRT. The problem is the province seems to be in control of transit expansion and the TTC, not David Miller.

By Adrian P
a.k.a “The G.T.A Patriot”
Toronto, Ontario

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