Hey, check it out – Metro Vancouver’s on the rise, and so is the SkyTrain action! Big bucks are flowing into the SkyTrain scene to give more people in more neighbourhoods a taste of the transit good life.


Mark V SkyTrain is hitching a cool ride on flatbed trucks from Kingston, Ontario, all the way to Vancouver.  40 more Mark V SkyTrains are revving up to join the party by 2028. It’s all part of the grand scheme to keep Vancouver’s transit scene as cool and connected as can be! 🚆✨

Hey Toronto, feeling a twinge of envy yet? Picture this – swapping out the Scarborough RT with these sleek Mark V SkyTrains, or better yet, an automated network stretching seamlessly from the airport all the way to Scarborough. Alas, for now, we can only ponder the “could a, should a, would a” scenario. 🤔🚝💭