A Trailblazing Career in Provincial Politics

Mitzie Hunter, an eminent figure in Canadian politics, emerged as a prominent leader during her tenure as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Representing Scarborough—Guildwood from 2013 to 2023, she displayed remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment to her constituents. As a member of the Ontario Liberal Party, Hunter served as a provincial cabinet minister from 2014 to 2018 and became the deputy leader of the party from 2022 to 2023, further solidifying her position as a formidable force in Ontario politics.

 A Vision for Toronto’s Renaissance: Fixing the 6ix

Hunter’s audacious plan, aptly titled “Fix the Six for a Toronto that works for everyone,” embodies her unwavering dedication to transforming the city’s governance landscape. Guided by six key priorities, Hunter’s vision encompasses the most pressing issues facing Toronto today.

Pioneering Governance for a Thriving Toronto

Under Hunter’s leadership, Toronto’s future maybe set to be brighter than ever. Her transformative agenda includes building affordable housing at an unprecedented scale, ensuring below-market housing options for both renters and buyers. She aims to revolutionize transportation by making it more affordable and accessible, particularly for seniors and Wheel Trans users. Hunter is committed to reversing the detrimental effects of recent fare increases and service cuts, fostering a reliable and efficient transportation system for all.

Moreover, Hunter recognizes the urgency of addressing safety, homelessness, and mental health concerns plaguing the city. By implementing innovative strategies and comprehensive support systems, she aims to create a secure and nurturing environment for all Torontonians. Hunter’s governance plan extends to enhancing city services, from filling potholes to improving snow clearance and park maintenance, ensuring that Toronto thrives in every aspect.

A driving force behind Hunter’s agenda is her commitment to creating a green and vibrant city. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, she intends to nurture a flourishing ecosystem and reduce Toronto’s ecological footprint. She seeks to rebuild trust between citizens and their government, fostering a new era of participatory democracy.

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