In a resolute move to address a pressing societal issue, Toronto city council passed a motion presented by Mayor Olivia Chow, officially declaring gender-based violence and intimate partner violence as an epidemic within the city. The declaration, adopted with unanimous support, sends a powerful message about the urgency of tackling this deeply concerning problem. It calls upon both provincial and federal governments to follow suit, creating a united front against these forms of violence that have long plagued countless lives.

Mayor Olivia Chow’s personal connection to the cause adds a poignant touch to the declaration. Having openly shared her mother’s experience with domestic abuse, Chow understands the importance of providing comprehensive support systems. With this symbolic declaration, the city of Toronto aims to raise awareness about the issue, approaching it from a public health perspective to better aid survivors and prompt broader societal action.

Joining the ranks of 30 other municipalities across Ontario, including Ottawa, Peel Region, Halton Region, and Renfrew County, Toronto’s declaration demonstrates a united front in acknowledging and addressing the widespread impact of intimate partner violence.

By standing up against gender-based and intimate partner violence, Toronto takes a significant step towards creating a safer and more compassionate city for all its residents. 💪🏽❤️

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