Who Is Mark Saunders?

Mark Saunders is a notable mayoral candidate for Toronto. Born to Jamaican immigrant parents, Saunders spent his childhood in Milton alongside his five siblings. In 1982, he began his career with the Toronto Police Service and went on to achieve the remarkable milestone of becoming the city’s first Black police chief in 2015. He held this position until 2020 when he retired, leaving his post eight months prior to the completion of his contract. With a wealth of experience in law enforcement and leadership, Saunders has joined over 100 other candidates vying for the mayoral position, bringing a unique perspective and background to the electoral race.

Focusing On Public Safety

Mark Saunders’ platform revolves around prioritizing public safety and addressing the increasing violence plaguing the TTC and communities in Toronto. Drawing upon his extensive experience as the city’s first Black police chief, Saunders asserts that his leadership at the Toronto Police Service uniquely qualifies him for the mayor’s chair. He firmly believes that the normalization of violence is unacceptable and emphasizes the urgent need for change.


Saunders proposes a comprehensive TTC Safety Plan that seeks to restore security and instill a sense of safety for all commuters. Recognizing that crime is escalating, he views public safety as the government’s fundamental responsibility. Through strategic collaborations with law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and transit authorities, Saunders aims to implement proactive measures that effectively combat crime on the TTC, ensuring a secure environment for residents and visitors alike.

No More Status Quo

Underpinning his platform is the understanding that this election presents a pivotal choice for Toronto. It’s a choice between accepting the failures of the status quo or embracing a visionary approach that offers viable solutions. By leveraging his expertise, experience, and determination, Saunders intends to transform Toronto’s safety landscape and usher in a new era of security, where residents can feel protected, and crime rates are effectively controlled.

With Mark Saunders at the helm, Toronto residents can anticipate a mayor who places public safety as a top priority, reimagining the TTC as a safe and reliable transportation system while working tirelessly to create a secure environment for all.

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