“In #Canada better is always possible!” Justin wins majority.

Liberals win a stunning majority in Canada. http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/politics/ctv-projects-liberal-majority-harper-to-step-down-as-conservative-leader-1.2617286

#LIVEBLOG: It’s election time Canada, so get out and vote! #CanadaVotes

Well it’s election time and results are already starting to pour in from Atlantic Canada. Watching CBC and it shows the Liberals in an…

Android rolls out ‘on-body’ smart lock to foil device thieves – CNET


Hackers may have exploited Sony’s weakest link: humans


Time to vote #Toronto for something simple, radical or impossible!

Well your friendly neighborhood G.T.A Patriot is back online, after a hiatus. Today is Election Day, across the province. However in the G.T.A, specifically Toronto, you…

National Post: Protect democracy from non-citizen motorists

National Post: Protect democracy from non-citizen motorists. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw6s2Frho

Hey #Toronto! You’ll never get to work on time!

Found this photo and I think that nothing better shows what we can possibly expect this summer. Toronto I hope you are ready for…

Go Leafs?

Last home game for the Leafs turned out to be a real downer. The Toronto Maple Leafs needed to win this game. Unfortunately the…

Google™ Strikes Bizarre Licensing Deal With Nestlé® To Name Next Android™ Kit Kat®

You have to give Google credit. As confusing as the image is it truly represents how they were able to offer something for everyone….

So what is the Bombardier #C-Series anyway?

It’s a nice looking jet and it’s great to see that a #Canadian company may possibly compete with the likes of #Airbus and #Boeing….

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