The mistakes Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Greens and Bloc Quebecois made. However there is no mistake when you vote!

In my estimation, these are the errors each leader made during this campaign. They are in no particular order, however I welcome your comments….

That One? Obama — is not like the rest I guess?

The expression represented something sinister: a suggestion that that one — Obama — is not like the rest. He refused to look at Obama….

Republicans – McCain campaign launches new low-blow attacks in hopes of deflecting attention from America’s Economic problems

Palin smears Obama an old discredited attack The Republican vice presidential nominee told supporters in the city of Englewood that Obama “is someone who sees America,…

This campaign is going to the birds

First a puffin, now a Sparrow….CTV says Conservative Party communications director Ryan Sparrow has been suspended for the duration of the campaign for questioning…

Hampton returns to familiar themes in Toronto blitz

Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton pushed across Toronto on Monday, staging a string of events in the city that has become his party’s stronghold….

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