As predicted, Trump did not lose in a landslide. Western countries failed to understand the cult of personality, the worship of money and the devotion of those who call themselves Evangelicals. Based on the behavior of Trump, over the past 4 years, many assumed that Democrats wouldn’t have an issue during this election. But there was a failure to truly understand America, its history and how it operates. Those in opposition to Trump failed to understand why Trump won in 2016. They didn’t take time to strategize and understand, “what makes Trump tick” and why Americans voted the way they did. Trump is doing what he does best, now controlling the narrative and calling the election a fraud. He even suggested taking this to the Supreme Court. It doesn’t really matter now if Biden or Trump is President. America is divided. What mattered to Americans? It seems that “the Economy” was more important than COVID-19. The entire world now looks at America and wonders what’s next? It’s now going to be interesting to see what direction Canada and other countries take, over the next 4 years. How will globalization look in 4 years? What will climate change look like? What will trade look like? Have we lost trust in America? The next few days are going to be interesting.