I am no lover of Nuclear power and its by-product. Nuclear waste! Taking close to 10,000 years to simply become safe for handling or disposal, seems to be an extreme and dare I say “insane” option. However, no energy source is perfect, right? Some have tried to claim that nuclear energy comes close to perfection. In my mind they are misguided or smoking something. The use of nuclear energy is cheap and environmentally safe, ONLY if the waste is contained. Unfortunately the people of Chernobyl may disagree.  Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste that can destroy the environment. In addition, cancer causing radiation must be closely monitored and managed in order to produce the power we need in Ontario. There are three major questions to be answered. (1) The health of the environment, (2) The question of safety and (3) The alternative options available to us in Ontario.  May I remind Ontarians that we do need stable and consistent power? Coal is bad for the environment, however, since rising CO2 emissions will destroy planet at a faster rate, we have decided to choose the “lesser of the two evils”. So again, what are the options? Wind power? Geo-thermal? Hydro-electric? Solar? Others? These are all questions to be asked? However, while are Governments studies these options we continue to increase our need for power in Ontario. What legacy are we leaving for our children? We are hoping that they will be able to find solutions to the removal of nuclear waste. Maybe they will? But what happens if they do not? It’s something to think about. Again, I am not lover of Nuclear power, but what are the options and where is the innovation? Where is the investment? And where are the thinkers?

By: Adrian P
a.k.a “The GTA Patriot”
Toronto, Ontario