Across Canada, the healthcare landscape faces formidable challenges that reverberate through the intricate web of its provinces and territories. From escalating demands on an aging population to the strain on resources and infrastructure, the Canadian healthcare system grapples with the need for innovation, efficiency, and equitable access. The intersection of these challenges raises critical questions about the sustainability of healthcare delivery, the optimization of services, and the overall well-being of the nation’s diverse population. As policymakers, practitioners, and communities navigate these complexities, the pursuit of a resilient and responsive healthcare system remains paramount in addressing the evolving needs of Canadians.

White Coat Black Art with Dr. Brian Goldman

The Alberta government is about to change health care like never before. It’s taking what’s been administered exclusively by Alberta Health Services and breaking it up into four independent parts: acute care, primary care, continuing care and mental health and addiction.

Doctors and nurses, patients and experts are worried what this new healthcare system could look like for patient care. One health economist calls it a “train wreck.”

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Changes to Healthcare in Alberta