Chloe Brown’s 3C Policy: Empowering Communities for a Better Toronto

Chloe Brown, a mayoral candidate in Toronto, presents a visionary approach to governance centered around empowering communities. Her 3C Policy addresses three critical areas: poverty reduction, public service standards, and government efficiency through civic engagement. By prioritizing these pillars, Brown aims to foster a sense of community and empower Torontonians to shape the future of their city. Her platform seeks to create a Toronto where every resident’s voice is heard, and the well-being of all citizens is paramount.

Building an Inclusive Toronto: Affordable Housing and Sustainability at the Forefront

Affordable housing and sustainability are key components of Chloe Brown’s transformative vision for Toronto. She proposes the transformation of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) into the Community Land Trust Development Agency (CLTDA) to create a fair and inclusive housing system.

Brown’s plan involves collaborating with non-profit developers and offering diverse affordable housing options to address homelessness effectively. Inspired by successful land trust pilots supported by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), she aims to provide accessible housing for all Torontonians and contribute to a sustainable future for the city.

Transparent Budget Management: Putting the People First

One of Chloe Brown’s core principles is transparent budget management that involves the active participation of Toronto residents. Her budget plan ensures that citizens understand how their money is being spent, the methods used, and the reasons behind each decision.

By including the public in the decision-making process, Brown aims to create a government that truly reflects the needs and desires of the people it serves. Through collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, she envisions a Toronto where the government and its citizens work together to build a thriving and prosperous city.

Join the Movement for a Transformed Toronto

Chloe Brown’s vision for Toronto is one of empowerment, inclusivity, and community-centred governance. By focusing on poverty reduction, public service standards, government efficiency, affordable housing, and transparent budget management, she aims to create a city where everyone can thrive.

To learn more about her platform, or support Chloe Brown’s campaign, and join the movement for a transformed Toronto that prioritizes the needs and well-being of its diverse population click on the link below.