The news of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s separation sent shockwaves through the internet. In an emotional Instagram post, the couple revealed that after 18 years of marriage, they have decided to part ways.

Recent reports suggest that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has moved to a separate residence in Ottawa, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will continue to reside at Rideau Cottage. The couple plans to share parenting responsibilities, with Grégoire Trudeau spending time at Rideau Cottage, where their children will primarily reside. Trudeau is anticipated to address the public about the situation this week before embarking on a vacation with his family.

The move comes after the announcement of their separation, and both parties seem committed to ensuring a stable and supportive environment for their children amid this new chapter in their lives. The online community has been abuzz with reactions. Many are eager to see how this high-profile separation unfolds and how the former power couple navigates this new chapter in their lives.