Ana Bailão, a renowned Canadian politician, has garnered significant attention for her unique approach to governance and her strong support from Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie. Having served as a city councillor for Davenport and as Toronto’s deputy mayor, Bailão brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the mayoral race.

Lets delve into Bailão’s vision for Toronto, her key priorities, and her commitment to securing a brighter future for the city.

Securing “Predictable and Sustainable Funding”

One of Bailão‘s primary goals is to secure predictable and sustainable funding from the provincial and federal governments, enabling the city to address its substantial $1.5-billion budget hole. With her extensive experience at city hall, Bailão is well-equipped to negotiate effectively for the city’s financial needs. Her dedication to ensuring Toronto’s financial stability sets her apart as a reliable candidate who can navigate the complexities of budget negotiations and bring forth positive outcomes for residents.

Convincing the Province on Infrastructure Maintenance

An area of particular interest for Bailão is infrastructure maintenance, specifically regarding the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway. Despite previous rejections from Premier Doug Ford, Bailão remains undeterred in her pursuit of convincing the province to assume responsibility for these crucial transportation routes. By advocating for this shift in burden, Bailão aims to relieve the city’s strain on its resources.

Keeping Property Taxes Manageable

Recognizing the struggles faced by Toronto residents, Bailão is committed to keeping property taxes at or below the rate of inflation. With an understanding of the financial strain experienced by individuals and families, she firmly believes that the city cannot tax or cut its way out of the budget deficit. By maintaining manageable property taxes, Bailão aims to alleviate the financial burden on residents while also addressing the city’s fiscal challenges responsibly.

Accelerating Affordable Housing Initiatives

Bailão’s dedication to improving the lives of Toronto residents extends to the critical issue of affordable housing. She plans to expedite the construction of affordable homes by ensuring that shovels hit the ground promptly. Additionally, Bailão remains open to re-tendering contracts if construction progress proves sluggish, highlighting her commitment to efficient and timely delivery of much-needed housing solutions.

Her focus on affordable housing showcases her determination to create a city where everyone has access to safe and affordable homes.

Encouraging Sustainable Development and Rental Housing

To address the growing demand for housing, Bailão proposes allowing eight and ten-storey buildings along major bus routes, streamlining the development process and promoting sustainable growth. Furthermore, she aims to increase the footprint of rental zoning, incentivizing the construction of purpose-built rental housing. By embracing innovative approaches to city planning, Bailão seeks to foster vibrant communities while ensuring diverse housing options for all Torontonians.

A Different Choice for Torontonians

Ana Bailão’s campaign for the mayoral race in Toronto has garnered significant support from influential figures. Her unique approach to governance, coupled with her experience and dedication, sets her apart as a promising candidate. Bailão’s vision for Toronto encompasses securing sustainable funding, addressing the housing crisis, and advocating for responsible financial management.

By electing Bailão, Torontonians can look forward to a future filled with affordable housing, improved infrastructure, and a city that works for everyone.

To hear more about Bailão’s inspiring vision, click here to view her speech on YouTube.