A public school in St. Catharines that for two decades has offered chapel services and Bible classes for its Mennonite students proves Dalton McGuinty’s arguments against funding religious schools are “nonsense,” according to the Progressive Conservatives. Eden High joined the public system in 1988 during the Liberal government of premier David Peterson.

So what does that have to do with the “funding proposal” on the table today?Mr. Van Soelen noted five current Cabinet ministers — including Greg Sorbara, the Finance Minister and Liberal campaign chairman — were members of Mr. Peterson’s caucus.

“They would have been at the Cabinet table. They must have believed in it at the time,”
We have a new Native spiritual school in Toronto with full funding, busing and snacks. Also, five Ukrainian Eastern Rite schools with full funding under 3 Catholic school boards; extra 30 min of instruction per day in Ukrainian language and heritage and prayers in an old Slavic language paid for by government heritage grants and or church/parents.

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