New construction timeline for Transit City

Overview of Anonas LRT Station
Overview of Anonas LRT Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New construction timeline for Transit City

Despite 16 months of flailing on the transit file, all four of Toronto’s new provincially funded light rail lines will open within the original timeframe of 2020.

Only the hotly contested Sheppard LRT will be completed much later than it would have been before Mayor Rob Ford came to office and stalled all plans for street-level transit expansion.

Now, instead of the Sheppard LRT opening in 2014 as originally scheduled, work will only begin that year. The Finch LRT is scheduled to break ground in 2015. Both projects are expected to take about four years to complete.

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  1. This is going to be an issue for a long time yet, there’s a battle between the left and the right, and we are the collateral damage until election time. They should have listened to the people and moved on this over a decade ago. Maybe the ministry of health should stick their nose in this as well, since they want to have input on transportation. I love this city, but it drives me nuts.

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