Unless he fails in Don Valley West Progressive Conservatives, in Ontario, must stick with John Tory, like glue, no matter what happens in this election. John Tory has a personality, great intellect and an eagerness to think out of the box. His business savvy has made him an important asset to the PC Party. Unfortunately the religious schools issue, albeit an honourable endeavour to fix an issue that Dalton Mcguinty was unwilling or unable to handle, cost him a substantial amount of votes in this election. He remains everything that Ontarians want all politicians to be. John Tory is a rarity, and he almost seems “too good” for politics. Maybe Ontarians were just shocked to see a politician that was actually honest? It was just not normal, which also explains his popularity. It seems unlikely that John Tory will be Premier; however I would not count him out yet. I will wait until October 11 for the final tally. We should remember that Dalton McGuinty did not win in 1999, but he became premier in 2003. Bob Rae lost elections before he finally took power in Ontario. Most importantly, among many voters, he came across as an honest man that people actually liked. The polls also suggest that Tory himself is more popular than his party and Dalton McGuinty. This says a lot about the character of John Tory. He obviously left a lasting impression on the voting public. Even if the Tories were to lose, they would be fools to put all the blame on John Tory. I would say that all of the right-wing conservatives who are opting not to vote in protest of John Tory and soft Liberals, who want to vote for Tory but won’t are to blame. Being from the Don Valley West riding myself, it shows a lot of courage for him to actually run in a riding, not considered a “safe seat”. If John Tory wins his riding of Don Valley West, he deserves another try. If Dalton McGuinty becomes Premier, and we go through another 4 years of “fiberal” politics, I am certain he will be the premier the next time around.

By: Adrian P
a.k.a “The GTA Patriot”
Toronto, Ontario