I heard a reporter ask John Tory, in reference to the faith-based school funding, about the fact that Islamic schools separate girls from boys. Now can you imagine and unfair that question is? Catholics, for years in Ontario have had girls and boys schools. However, in Ontario, because of our ignorance, it is not good for Islamic schools? Ask yourself the question. What Ontario do you want to live in? One that says Catholics are better than Jews, Hindu’s, Muslims or any other group. I do not care what side of the faith-based funding fence you are on. But we must stop and listen to ourselves. If you do not understand something, just because it is not “like you”, then take the time and try to learn. Let us learn from history and not ask silly questions. If you do not like separate schools for boys and girls, then say so, also addressing the fact that others have had this privilege for years. Of course the media was just trying to stir up some controversy, however with images in the Toronto Star this week showing girls from an Islamic school playing in a yard makes me wonder what the agenda is. Or are they just showing what Ontarians are really like? Are we just a little bit more ignorant and intolerant then we think we are?