General Motors (GM) is set to unveil additional measures on Tuesday to address the significant downturn in the North American vehicle market. The world’s largest carmaker aims to realign its business with current market conditions, and key executives, including CEO Rick Wagoner, COO Fritz Henderson, and CFO Ray Young, will discuss these measures at a press conference.

Shift in Manufacturing Strategy

Last month, GM announced the closure of four North American light-truck plants due to a sudden shift in demand from larger vehicles to more fuel-efficient cars and crossover vehicles. This strategic move reflects the company’s effort to adapt to evolving market preferences.

Reviewing the Future of Hummer

GM is also reevaluating the future of Hummer, its largest vehicle, and expediting the introduction of more popular and fuel-efficient models. This reflects the company’s commitment to staying competitive in a changing automotive landscape.

Challenging US Sales Environment

GM’s US sales experienced an 18% decline in June compared to the previous year. Despite this, the company’s international operations are thriving, with sales volumes in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East reaching a new record in the second quarter.

Liquidity Concerns and Potential Actions

While dismissing bankruptcy rumors and brand discontinuations, CEO Rick Wagoner acknowledged the need to address liquidity concerns. Analysts predict that GM may take steps to raise between $10 billion and $15 billion in the coming months, considering its current cash reserves of about $24 billion and a monthly burn rate of approximately $1 billion.

Stock Performance and Market Challenges

GM’s shares are currently at their lowest level in over half a century, dropping another 5.4% on Monday to $9.38. The company faces ongoing challenges in the North American market but remains optimistic about its strong performance in other regions.