There are power efficient computers and then there are power efficient computers. Enter the Fit PC, a small, self-contained, fanless computer that draws 3W to 5W when it is on. It’s no power house but for its size and what it is designed to do, it is quite impressive. It features an AMD Geode LX800 processor running at 500MHz, integrated 256MB of DDR memory which cannot be upgraded, 40GB IDE hard drive, dual 100Mbps Ethernet, SXGA graphics controller supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1440 and comes preinstalled with Gentoo Linux though it is capable of running Windows XP.

Those wishing to install Windows XP would be able to do so through a USB optical drive and Windows XP drivers are available from the Fit PC downloads section.

Other less notable features include an all aluminum case with a black finish and is splash and dust resistant with an operating temperature from 0C to 70C (for those of you in the US that is 32F to 158F).

ExtremeTech did a review of the system and noted several things, “After we had six windows (and six apps) running, the system definitely became sluggish—this is not a strong multitasking system.”

It is summed up nicely by this final thought, “If you need anything that requires even moderately demanding CPU or graphics horsepower, the fit-PC isn’t the right solution. Performance is not the point of this system—form factor and cost are the main factors.”

The Fit PC will cost you $285 and for that price you may just want to consider the EEEPC, while not as power efficient, I promise you it is at least twice as powerful.

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