At a recent all candidates meeting an incumbent MPP, during their speech, said “this is a two party race and it is pointless to vote for any other party….we do not want another Mike Harris government”. When approached and told that this is not becoming of an MPP and it was disrespectful of the other clients and opinions in the room. We should vote according to our values and own opinions. Unfortunately, the attitude of the MPP was that this did not matter. This is one of the major problems with the current system, which causing apathy amongst voters. Albeit, there must be more specifics in regards to the selection process of candidates, change is needed. We must go forwards as a province. We need a system that represents all of Ontario voters. If this means that political parties have to work together and get things done, then let it happen. Strangely enough many have come out to say that there will no longer be majority governments, as if this is the only way to govern. Some of these individuals are the ones that have the most to lose, with a proportional system. However since when was it fair to have a majority government with only approximately 35-40% of the popular vote and then dictate like they got a majority mandate? Again, it may not be perfect, but let’s move forward as a province. The Citizens’ Assembly has spent a long time consulting with ordinary Canadians and we definitely need a parliament that represents and shows the generally pulse of the province. Regardless of my opinion, please take some time to view the ‘Vote MMP website’ and get the facts. There is some descent, in terms of the election process of the proportional members list, however I do feel that these problems will be ironed out. With the power now in the hands of the electorate, political parties will be more careful and may actually start to “listen” to the actual voter.

By: Adrian P
a.k.a “The GTA Patriot”
Toronto, Ontario