Sorry for getting off track a bit on this one! I rarely would I ever comment on a movie, but the progression of 3D CGI graphics has defiantly hit a new level. When Lord of the Rings “The Two Towers” was released I was amazed on how real Golem looked in the movie. Meaning, how well he blended into the film. Now, with Beowulf, we are seeing 3D graphics progress even further. It is not perfect, however it makes me wonder what 3D graphics will look like in 4-5 years. Will we be able to tell the difference between the real and unreal? Beowulf is the classic story about the warrior Beowulf, who must fight and defeat the monster Grendel who is terrorizing towns, and later, Grendel’s mother, who begins killing out of revenge. Beowulf” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). Gory violence and Angelina Jolie (enough said…)! Yes, I placed this under Sci-Fi, but I guess I will have to make a new category for “Fantasy” sometime soon.

By: Adrian P
a.k.a. “The G.T.A Patriot”
Toronto, Ontario

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