St. Paul’s federal byelection on Monday, June 24, 2024

Will Trudeau’s leadership survive the Toronto—St. Paul’s federal byelection? With Conservative candidate Don Stewart gaining ground in this longtime Liberal stronghold, the June 24, 2024 vote looms large as a critical test for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his party. Leslie Church, the Liberal contender, faces a tough battle to retain the seat amid growing voter discontent and calls for change.

If the Liberals lose this historically safe seat, what will Trudeau do next?

What are the main issues driving voter discontent in Toronto-St. Paul’s?

Voter dissatisfaction in Toronto-St. Paul’s stems from critical issues on multiple fronts. Economic stagnation looms large, with rising unemployment and stalled housing construction amplifying Toronto’s already high cost of living. Despite recent control over inflation, its lingering impact on everyday expenses fosters widespread economic unease among residents.

News on Voting in Toronto St. Paul’s

How To Vote in Toronto–St. Paul’s

There is currently an election in Toronto–St. Paul’s. Click here for voting information from Elections Canada.