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Ontario election 2018 platform guide: Where the parties stand on everything from hydro bills to taxes to transit

Election day in Ontario—June 7—is fast approaching, and voters face a stark choice in the three main candidates: Ontario Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne, Ontario…

Ontario’s party leaders make their final pitches

The four main leaders vying for your vote in the election explain why you should choose them to be the next premier of Ontario. Click…

More ideas for transit in Toronto? “Cable car, walkway could replace Union Station streetcars”

Is it me or am I the only one tired of plan after plan in Toronto? I know, yes downtown Toronto has changed. We…

Come on let’s sweat!

On the hottest days of this sweltering summer, riders on the Bloor-Danforth subway would brace themselves as their train pulled in, hoping that they…

“In #Canada better is always possible!” Justin wins majority.

Liberals win a stunning majority in Canada.

#LIVEBLOG: It’s election time Canada, so get out and vote! #CanadaVotes

Well it’s election time and results are already starting to pour in from Atlantic Canada. Watching CBC and it shows the Liberals in an…

Android rolls out ‘on-body’ smart lock to foil device thieves – CNET

Hackers may have exploited Sony’s weakest link: humans

Time to vote #Toronto for something simple, radical or impossible!

Well your friendly neighborhood G.T.A Patriot is back online, after a hiatus. Today is Election Day, across the province. However in the G.T.A, specifically Toronto, you…

National Post: Protect democracy from non-citizen motorists

National Post: Protect democracy from non-citizen motorists.

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