Something is Happening in Wuhan China?

A Happy New Year to everyone! At least I hope it continues to remain happy. Have you ever seen the movie Contagion? I have…

New Crosstown Light Rail Transit Vehicles

Looks like the new Crosstown LRT vehicles are ready. Check them out from the link below.  

Toronto Subways

Ontario taking over the TTC?

An interesting idea, but will it work? I am a bit suspect over the real intentions. If the Government takes over the subway and…

Toronto Votes 2018

Torontonians want to know where to vote?

On October 22nd voting hours will take place between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. All employers must ensure residents have a three-hour period off to…


The Transit File – Is Markham the next victim of unchecked urban growth? We must do better!

I will limit this to one paragraph, or more, because there is not much more I can say that has not already been said….

Microsoft to buy Nokia’s phone business — A new direction?

Well it looks like Microsoft has opted to go “all in”.  The move totally reshapes the mobile industry and Microsoft’s future. By adding consumer hardware…

The Usefulness of Facebook

I am a user of Facebook, but not a real fan. By stating this some may feel it’s pointless to read on. Well let…

Project Glass by Google

Ultra cool! Not sure if we need to say anything else about Project Glass. Wonder how long before they become contacts, or even embedded…

Cutting the cord through my over-the-air AppleTV and Netflix experience

It’s been more than 1-2 years and my over-the-air antenna, AppleTV and Netflix configuration has helped me to save a substantial amount of money….

Microsoft Open Solaris? Microsoft BSD? Microsoft what?

I wonder what would happen if Microsoft dropped the Windows NT core, making an about face, like Apple did years ago with BSD and…

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