New Crosstown Light Rail Transit Vehicles

Looks like the new Crosstown LRT vehicles are ready. Check them out from the link below.  

Toronto Subways

Ontario taking over the TTC?

An interesting idea, but will it work? I am a bit suspect over the real intentions. If the Government takes over the subway and…


The Transit File – Is Markham the next victim of unchecked urban growth? We must do better!

I will limit this to one paragraph, or more, because there is not much more I can say that has not already been said….

Scarborough Subway

A return to the ‘original’ Scarborough subway plan is on it’s way…

The Ford family has become synonymous with the promise of subway construction, so it’s no surprise Doug Ford kicked off his first official day…

More ideas for transit in Toronto? “Cable car, walkway could replace Union Station streetcars”

Is it me or am I the only one tired of plan after plan in Toronto? I know, yes downtown Toronto has changed. We…

Come on let’s sweat!

On the hottest days of this sweltering summer, riders on the Bloor-Danforth subway would brace themselves as their train pulled in, hoping that they…

Time to vote #Toronto for something simple, radical or impossible!

Well your friendly neighborhood G.T.A Patriot is back online, after a hiatus. Today is Election Day, across the province. However in the G.T.A, specifically Toronto, you…

The “One City” 30-year plan possibly 20-years too late?

Ford says “No”, and Karen says “Yes”! Most Torontonians know we need subways and better transit. We need a proper transit system in Toronto…

Different modes of transit in Greater Toronto – removing political spin and disinformation

Explaining different modes of transit in the G.T.A; removing political spin and disinformation

Found a great article on transit through “What happens to public opinion when LRT is explained”. It is a great piece, which is quite informative. Take some time to read the article. Cherise Burda takes to time to explain the differences between subways, light rail, GO Trains, rapid bus and right-of-way streetcar modes of transit.

New construction timeline for Transit City

New construction timeline for Transit City

Despite 16 months of flailing on the transit file, all four of Toronto’s new provincially funded light rail lines will open within the original timeframe of 2020.

Only the hotly contested Sheppard LRT will be completed much later than it would have been before Mayor Rob Ford came to office and stalled all plans for street-level transit expansion.

Now, instead of the Sheppard LRT opening in 2014 as originally scheduled, work will only begin that year. The Finch LRT is scheduled to break ground in 2015. Both projects are expected to take about four years to complete.

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