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Why Democrats Failed To Win In A Landslide?

As predicted, Trump did not lose in a landslide. Western countries failed to understand the cult of personality, the worship of money and the…

Ontario’s party leaders make their final pitches

The four main leaders vying for your vote in the election explain why you should choose them to be the next premier of Ontario. Click…

#LIVEBLOG: It’s election time Canada, so get out and vote! #CanadaVotes

Well it’s election time and results are already starting to pour in from Atlantic Canada. Watching CBC and it shows the Liberals in an…

National Post: Protect democracy from non-citizen motorists

National Post: Protect democracy from non-citizen motorists.

The omnibus bill – Canadians keeping their head in the sand literally for summer vacation

A voting marathon that could keep members of Parliament chained to their desks around the clock is set to unfold in the Commons as…

Different modes of transit in Greater Toronto – removing political spin and disinformation

Explaining different modes of transit in the G.T.A; removing political spin and disinformation

Found a great article on transit through “What happens to public opinion when LRT is explained”. It is a great piece, which is quite informative. Take some time to read the article. Cherise Burda takes to time to explain the differences between subways, light rail, GO Trains, rapid bus and right-of-way streetcar modes of transit.

Alison Redford’s PCs win majority in Alberta election

Alberta votes to keep the right progressive. With the Federal Conservatives looking more like the Wildrose party and working to help the party, and…

Is an election on the horizon in Ontario? Liberals, NDP still trying to make a deal

Ontario Liberals and New Democrats are meeting again today, trying to negotiate a deal before Tuesday’s crucial budget vote to keep the minority government…

We love Mayor Rob Ford!

We love Mayor Rob Ford!

According to a new Forum Research poll, more than half of Toronto residents want to scrap the city’s land transfer tax, license cyclists, contract out cleaners, toss out the plastic bag tax and support a subway-based transit plan.

The Forum poll conducted Wednesday found 61% of Toronto residents approve of ending the city’s land transfer tax and licensing cyclists so that traffic laws can be enforced on them.

Ford campaigned on abolishing the land transfer tax but has yet to make any progress on dropping it from the city’s books.

Among those surveyed, support has grown since a Forum poll last month for a subway-based transit plan with 60% now in favour of the idea rather than 36% who favour a transit system based on LRTs.

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Wildroses in Alberta – but the grass is not always greener on the other side

In an interesting twist of fate Alberta, long a stronghold for the Conservatives, is going through some family issues. Till death do us part…

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