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As seen in another recent post (Two a Day)! Since I love all things Star Trek, Star Wars and Star Gate, for my regular viewers, I thought I would add it for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I now am considering adding some pages dedicated to Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Star Hunter and Babylon 5 (great series). Note, I did not add Battlestar Gallactica. Sorry, I just cannot get into the series at all, however I am willing to consider Buck Rogers, if they do a remake.

For more information about the new Star Trek Movie, click here.

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By: Adrian P
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  1. Thanks for dropping by our blog, Andy!

    I know that Abrams has been hit and miss and if I could pick a direction for a Star Trek helmsman there are several others I could think of (one you suggested, Ridley Scott is a tasty alternative) beyond him. Still, I gotta hope that more of Lost comes through than say one of his other ‘enterprises’…heh, sorry couldn’t resist.

    And like my Dad used to say, “There is NO bad science fiction. Only an absence of it.” Ah, I wish he were still here on planet Earth.

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